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Foam Mattresses - The Importance of a great In-Home Trial

In today's economy, many people are afraid of making significant purchases they may not benefit from later, and rightly therefore. No one wants to spend a lot of money00 and then not be happy with a fresh item once it's in the home. When it comes to buying a memory foam mattress, it doesn't have to be an issue -- provided that you make sure you get to try your company's mattress in your own home for a significant period. You also need to have a accurate money-back guarantee (not a "comfort guarantee" or store credit) as your safety net should you find your new mattress doesn't work to suit your needs once you get it house and sleep on it for a time. Here's why... The Truth Behind the Store Trial The reality with the store trial is that it just isn't reality. Trying a good memory foam mattress in a store is definitely not even close to actually sleeping on a single for an extended period at your house. The truth is that bricks and mortar retailers (especially individuals selling the "leading brand" which is a very profitable mattress) are marketing geniuses. They need their mattress to think soft, warm, and tempting when you lie down on it. Hence guess what they do? They keep the store nice and warm. This means that the memory foam (which is temp sensitive) feels absolutely incredible in the store. The trouble with this is that most people maintain their bedroom temperature under 70 degrees. At below 70 degrees, "leading brand" stays pretty hard. What can we learn from this for you, then? It means the very comfortable "leading brand" memory foam mattress that you loved during the warm store feels like some brick in your home. your mattressjournal visit can work wonders And you know what else? The mattresses that you just try in the store have had lots of people lying on them. Translation? They are already soft and well-broken in, unlike the mattress you will bring home. In a store setting, you aren't basically trying a mattress just like the one you will bring home. You are striving one kept in an environment that is warmer than most people's bedrooms that is busted in beyond what usual home usage would be. The important point: The only way to see if a the purchase of a is right for you is to try your new mattress in your own home for at least 90 days. The True Money-Back Guarantee An in-home trial of 3 months is great, but it will only be right for you if you get a true refund with that home trial. When i state a money-back guarantee, I mean that you're going to actually get your money back in case the mattress isn't right for you. Several retailers will offer you a "comfort guarantee. " This is simply roundabout way of saying you are getting a store credit. Seeing that most retailers probably simply have one or two memory foam mattresses that you can be interested in, a comfort warranty or store credit can certainly end up really leaving you high and dry. Will probably be out thousands of dollars and still don't have a mattress that performs for you. I have seen that over and over again, but all it requires is a long in-home trial (at least 90 days) and a true money-back guarantee to be certain this doesn't happen to you. The results The bottom line, absolute best way to ensure that you find the memory foam mattress that could be right for you is to choose one that provides a true money-back guarantee and an in-home trial of in least 90 days. Stay away from "comfort guarantees" and store credits and make sure you read the information and the fine print of any kind of guarantee. If you remember practically nothing else when shopping for your foundation, remember "true money-back guarantee" and "in-home trial of at least 90 days. " If you remember these two things, you will have a positive memory foam mattress buying experience. Reprint Rights This article may be reprinted, but as long as it is reprinted in its whole without modifications, alterations, or perhaps deletions and includes tom bio. Copyright 2009 Healthy Foundations. All Rights Appropriated. David Rosenberg is the creator of Healthy Foundations, The Memory Foam Specialists, and the biggest Internet dealer specializing in memory foam. David is an expert with memory foam products, and provides loads of information on choosing and buying polyurethane foam mattresses, memory foam toppers, and memory foam pillows on his website. His goal is to provide good information so that surfers his site are well-informed about memory foam, no matter where they choose to make their foam purchase.

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